When it comes to high-stake securities litigation cases, it’s imperative to have the right legal representation at your side. This isn’t exactly the time to make the mistake of hiring someone who doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing in the process. While specialization and experience are a good start, it takes so much more than these two qualities to be an exceptional securities litigation attorney. In this blog post, we will look at five key traits of an effective trial lawyer, as explained by InsideCounsel.

  1. Credibility – Whether it’s an individual or an entire entity involved in the case, a lawyer’s credibility is of utmost importance. They should be capable of building trust with clients, judges, jurors, and the opposition. No matter what happens during the case, an effective trial attorney must protect their credibility. Hopefully, they understand that every interaction with someone is a chance to build trust or destroy it altogether.
  2. Civility – There is a certain art to litigation. The best litigators in the world are persuasive while also being civil. Keep in mind that tactics of volume, anger, and intimidation will not work as a long-term strategy for lawyers. Not to mention, going overboard during a trial can actually harm an attorney’s ability to negotiate in a reasonable time and manner. Believe it or not, the most effective securities litigation attorneys fight relentlessly for clients with respect, intelligence, and grace.
  3. Confidence – Don’t mistake a confident attorney for one who is arrogant. Litigators who enjoy the most success learn by instinct to translate complex information into clear and decisive action, usually in the middle of trial. Such ability requires high levels of professional and personal confidence. Remember that your lawyer should be able to put you at ease with their demeanor. Should they only add to the distress, it could be a recipe for disaster.
  4. Curiosity – There comes a time during a trial where an attorney must rely on their innate curiosity to discover a solution. It’s why many lawyers are interested in art, psychology, physics, and other areas of life. By constantly staying curious, a lawyer keeps the job of litigation continually fresh and exciting.
  5. Competitiveness – There are points during the litigation process where things just become mundane and unexciting. That said, the top-notch lawyers can find some sort of thrill in even the most routine moment. Instead of being focused on “beating their opponent,” many litigation attorneys put their mind toward finding a simple, elegant solution to what is likely a messy situation.

What Makes Our Securities Litigation Firm Different

Since 1997, Sadis & Goldberg has regularly represented investors, investment advisors, industry professionals, and brokerage firms in the financial services industry. Though we have offices in New York City and the Tri State area, we practice nationwide. We’ve successfully represented individual and institutional investors throughout the country in securities arbitration and litigation for more than two decades.

Our attorneys specialize in a variety of securities disputes, including hedge fund fraud, securities fraud, stock broker fraud, and more. We also have extensive knowledge of common claims, whistleblower rights, and shareholder rights.

The lawyers at Sadis & Goldberg have tried countless arbitrations and trials to verdict. Whether your situation is resolved through settlement or goes all the way to trial, you can expect that our experience allows us to achieve the best possible outcome. We don’t put our attorneys in less than ideal situations, either. Rather, we allow them to focus their time on what they do best and that’s recovering losses for investors with claims against financial advisers, stockbrokers, and brokerage firms.

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