The law office of Sadis & Goldberg revolves around securities litigation, a highly specialized area of practice. Without a doubt, securities laws are complex and usually involve sensitive matters and high stakes. Both individuals and businesses alike are at stake in these cases. Not to mention, there’s the risk of substantial damage awards and negative publicity. At our New York City law firm, our experienced securities arbitration and litigation attorneys recover losses from investment misconduct nationwide. Keep reading as we dive more into how securities litigation works.

Securities Mediation

When two parties are in conflict, the first step is usually mediation. Essentially, mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. It’s meant to be less stressful than arbitration and litigation. Whoever the mediator is works to guide the parties toward their own resolution. He or she helps both sides define the issues clearly through joint sessions and separate meetings with parties. The hope is that by understanding each other’s position, a resolution will surface sooner rather than later. An interesting tidbit about mediation is that the mediator has no authority to decide the settlement or compel the parties to settle for that matter. Note that until the parties agree on a resolution, mediation is non-binding. Should the matter not be settled in a timely fashion, the claimant has the right to pursue arbitration.

Securities Arbitration

This is the process of resolving a dispute between the parties before a panel of arbitrators. Keep in mind the arbitrators are selected through a process agreed to by the parties. Arbitrations are conducted in accordance with what’s known as the Uniform Code of Arbitration. The code was developed by the Securities Industry Conference on Arbitration and organization rules where the claim is filed. The majority of securities arbitration proceedings are administered by FINRA. In terms of costs, the investor is responsible for expenses such as filing fees, discovery costs, the cost of preparing exhibits, and hearing fees. Our securities arbitration team sees that, on average, this step usually takes a little more than a year to complete from the time the claim is filed until an award is rendered.

Securities Litigation

There are certain instances where litigation is the only option. Whereas mediation and arbitration involve working with a neutral third party, litigation determines the issue through a court. That’s why it’s imperative to have a team of reliable securities litigation attorneys by your side. At the law office of Sadis & Goldberg, our lawyers have a wide range of experience in the financial services industry. Through the years, we have won many multi-million dollar securities arbitrations, awards, verdicts, and settlements for clients.

What makes us different is that we are a niche law firm. This means that our attorneys have the ability to focus their time on what they do best: recovering losses for investors with claims against financial advisers, stockbrokers, and brokerage firms. It doesn’t matter to us whether your case is resolved at arbitration or continues on to the litigation stage.

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